the perils of blanket statements

I’ve never quite understood why people try to plug in a one-size-fits-all method to so many areas of life. We do it casually (“Oh, boys just can’t multitask”) or politically (Trump immigration ban 2017) or even legislatively (why isn’t every individual woman allowed to choose for herself if she’d like an abortion?). Our obsession with translating trends into concrete declarations leaves outliers stranded and unaccounted for. I suppose it’s simply not possible to create standards applying to huge groups of people without leaving some unhappy- and understandably so.

The way I see it, such statements are forgivable in everyday life if preceded with a clear ‘generally…’ or ‘I think in most cases..’. But it’s important to include that little prefix to the sentence. Certain benchmarks and trends are unavoidable, others created by us, by blanket statements that smothered those who wanted to walk a different path. It may sound much too simple, but Barney said it best ‘you are special, you’re the only one like you!’- and that applies to everyone else too.


3 thoughts on “the perils of blanket statements

  1. ISHAAAA, this is bloody awesome(the blooggg). And this post is SOOOO true, we’re all a bit obsessed with adding labels to things then using statements that negatively criticise EVERYONE that falls into the label.

    Absolutely love this

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  2. “It appears…”, It seems….” are other ways of neutrally approaching broad statements without inserting emotional/personal “I think…” or “I believe…”(which sadly these days people who hold the opposite view seem to respond with a “you are so wrong and you are a bad person, you idiot”) So much for civil discussions or live and let live or agree to disagree and still get along.


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