universal truth

There are SO many different perspectives in the world that I think the only universal truth is that there is no universal truth. There are people on the other side of the world who still think that you must kill for religion; that fair skin is supreme; that homosexuality is a sin; that women exist merely to serve men. It sounds horrifying to us, we think they have been brainwashed and pity them for their primitive mentality. But is it not mutual? They must have equally valid justification for their beliefs.

Then who’s to say who’s right? If there’s no validator, there’s no right either.


3 thoughts on “universal truth

  1. Why wouldn’t “right” just be defined as that which doesn’t oppress people and provides the best and most realistic form of equality? Isn’t that the system which brings the most happiness to the world and allows every individual to thrive in their own pursuits?


    1. I wish… but oppression and equality are also subjective concepts, so how do we get everyone to agree on how to set up this system? Not everywhere in the world are they a basis of society or even important, right?


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